The Highest Standards Of Quality & Consistency

At National Forest Products, we know how hard our retail partners work to grow their business. In addition to the day-to-day challenges of running a building supply store – be it an independent or chain – there are numerous external factors to contend with – economy, environment and trends – to name a few. So the last thing you need is the stress and uncertainty that comes from receiving subpar lumber loads.

In these cases, retailers have two choices: sell bundles with defects such as wane, rot and checks and risk customer defection, or pick through the bundles for lower quality boards and sell them at a discounted price – in other words, take a loss. But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.


No More Grade Inconsistencies

As part of NFP’s ongoing mission to achieve the highest customer satisfaction with each and every order, we produce a premium-picked product that ensures no retailer is ever left holding the bag again! We proudly call this the Pinnacle™ product line, and with each load, we guarantee every piece in and every piece out!

Developed in the 90s, Pinnacle™ specialty products were created to eliminate the need for retailers to rely on various agencies to grade Western Red Cedar products. With Pinnacle™ products, there are no more discrepancies in quality, giving you full confidence of knowing what you’ll get. We have formed a fellowship of seasoned saw millers, discriminating retailers and a veteran distributor. Our goal? To provide the highest quality grading system, and put consistency at the forefront of our entire process from better log selecting practices, to more efficient mill flow. With National Forest Products at the helm every step of the way, grade inspectors are trained to uphold this new system to the highest standards. What this means is every order of product, whether it be Pinnacle™ Cedar Line Decking, Railing, Wall Siding or Paneling, we produce the very best the industry has to offer.

Pinnacle Brand

Pinnacle – Then and Now

A Brief History

Before we developed the Pinnacle™ brand, we had customers willing to pay as much as $200/mbf more to get the fibre and grade specifications that their customers wanted – an amount that equates to approximately $10,000 a truck! That’s because they’d rather pay top dollar than risk getting burned by a grading system that’s all over the map. Furthermore, at the time, a trading department did not have any acceptable recourse with producers. If the material was within the grade rule, most mills were safe and the purchaser was left with subpar product. Consequently, retailers were writing off anywhere between 10% and 20% at year-end. Our Pinnacle™ products have put an end to that.

An Earned Reputation

Over the last two decades, the Pinnacle™ brand name and grade has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted names in the business…and deservedly so.  Each batch of Pinnacle™ Cedar is distributed exclusively through National Forest Products Ltd to retailer chains such as TimBr-Mart, Home Hardware, Castle Building Supplies, ILDC, Irly Bird and to a number of Independents throughout Canada and the United States. No wonder we have so many customers who only buy lumber with Pinnacle wrap.

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