“The Pinnacle line gives our customers a 100% grade guarantee which allows them to buy the top quality at a competitive price. We have no waste, happy repeat customers, and a good reputation for carrying a top of the line Cedar.”

Bob Bray, President
Midland TIM-BR Mart, Midland, ON


“If you’re in the cedar business and require the highest quality of both products and service, we would recommend National Forest Products. They possess the expertise in the industry that we require to continue to be successful in our market place.”

Tim Braun, President
Cedar Specialty Shoppes, St. Catharines, ON


“High quality Pinnacle cedar has reduced the number of returns, exchanges, and irritated customers. Positive feed back and repeat customers tells me that I now have the highest quality available.”

Bob Querengesser
Akins-Brewer Lumber Limited, Shakespeare, ON


“To date, the Pinnacle quality is the highest quality I’ve seen in the industry.”

Chris Willsie
Lind Lumber Limited, Dorchester, ON


“National Forest Products had developed an in house grade called Pinnacle a few years earlier. It was for the discriminating buyer. … To date the concept has worked explicitly. I have had no problems and I have grown my cedar business.”

Don Watson
Watson’s Home Hardware Building Centre, Gorrie, ON


“I will honestly say you have hit a home run!! I have used every panel that exists in the industry. Your product is by far the nicest quality and best looking panel that I have had the pleasure to install.”

Tyler Kaye, Owner
A Kustoms Innovations


“We would like to thank you for your support in developing the Pinnacle Program. The ‘Pinnacle grade’ is a custom grade that represents the highest quality in any ‘STK’ cedar. It exceeds the criteria of Architectural Knotty, Custom Knotty, or Select deck grade. We have other grades that are available but they do not meet the same level quality. We Understand that to be accredited to make the Pinnacle Grade is a badge of honour to our company.”

Craig Fleischhacker, Sales Manager
North Enderby Timber LTD., Enderby, BC


“HHBC has sold ENDECK for a couple of years. So far any customers that have used the product have raved how great it looks even after a couple of seasons. With the many options in the market place this is one product I know I can sell with the confidence that ENDECK will meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. National Forest has always had the product readily available when needed. Good Iuck with future sales.”

Dave Traviss
Home Hardware Building Centre, Orillia, ON


“I’m told by our salesman the panels go up smoothly and look great. To sum up, the product is outstanding and our reputation is enhanced by having furnished it.”

Bill Epstein
Ashby Lumber, Berkeley, CA


“As a decking professional for over 10 years I am always asked the same question “what is the best material to use for my deck?” It was not until about 4 years ago when I was introduced to Endeck did I have the answer. A new deck always looks great upon completion but as soon as it is exposed to the elements do you see how it will stand up. Shrinking, cracking, fading and moulding were common complaints we would have a year or two later with other top brands. Endeck offers a product that is 100% PVC, no composite fillers and a variety of colours that makes decisions easy for my customers.”

Blair McKenzie, General Manager
Platinum Construction, Ottawa, ON

“In the summer of 2012 we started construction on our backyard oasis and Platinum Construction was commissioned to build us the deck. Platinum recommended using Endeck but our local designer had already picked a brand from the big box store. When the deck was complete is was everything we had hoped for but it was not until after the first winter did we start to have issues. Clearing the snow from the deck resulted in large chunks of decking flaking off, screw holes began to swell and the underside of several deck boards were starting to develop mould. We contacted the manufacturer in the spring of 2013 but they did not provide any solutions saying it was “climate issues.” After careful thought we hired Platinum Construction and they removed the “new” decking and replaced it with Endeck. The cost of buying two decking products was substantial but we learned that not all premium decking is the same. It has been 2 years and we could not be any happier with the result!”

Brian and Sandy Mallette, Customers
Ottawa, ON

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