Natural Cedar Shingle Siding Panels vs. Cement Fiber Shingle Siding

A Natural Home Enhancer

When it comes to achieving a traditional exterior – be it siding for a New England-style home or a gable end feature for a West Coast craftsman – Pinnacle Panels are the way to go. Cedar’s naturally rich tonal range adds the kind of warm classic character and charm that man-made synthetic products can’t duplicate. Maybe from a distance these faux cement fiber [CF] shingles have a slight resemblance to painted cedar shingles but it ends there. They can never achieve the natural wood colour or shingle profile of the real thing, and over time any painted surface will fade and require re-coating. Whereas, untreated cedar shingles require no maintenance and age gracefully, eventually turning a beautiful silvery grey patina.

Superior Performance Properties

In addition to a timeless beauty that is unparalleled, cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects so Pinnacle Panels also outperform panels made from friable cement fiber. And due to its cellular structure, cedar is an excellent thermal insulator and can stand up to all kinds of weather.

The Longest Service Life

As one of the most sought-after looks in today’s market, Pinnacle Panels will elevate the appearance of your project – not just now, but for decades to come. In fact, the longevity of cedar is legendary. There are even examples of WRC shingles lasting over a hundred years on coastal buildings exposed to sea spry – in these cases, the fastening nails failed long before the wood even started to age! Exhaustive testing has shown that after months of being submerged in wet mud, Pinnacle Panels are still in serviceable condition. This type of testing would quickly destroy CF panels.

Money-Saving Solution

Furthermore, Pinnacle Panels are a cost-effective option for homeowners and building professionals. That’s because our highly durable, hassle-free panels are 6 to 8 times faster and easier to install than individually, hand applied shingles. With Pinnacle Panels, installers can quickly obtain perfect results because they benefit from Pinnacle Panel’s ability to pre-select, perfectly align, hand-craft and securely affix shingles to a solid backer in controlled factory conditions.

The Greenest Building Material

Finally, from an environmental perspective, Pinnacle Panel’s green credentials are impeccable. That’s because woods such as Western Red Cedar leave a small carbon footprint compared to other building materials. For example, the manufacturing of cement accounts for 5%-10% of the world’s production of CO2. Pinnacle Panels, on the other hand, are environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. They are made from clear sawmill trim ends that would otherwise become wood chips or hog fuel. Plus, our cedar comes from one of the most sustainably harvested forests in the world, so it’s a choice you can feel good about.

It’s a no brainer, a better siding product that saves money, work and the world while adding beauty and value.

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