A true advancement in shingle panel design and technology, the Pinnacle™ Western Red Cedar Shingle Panel is made from 100% fine grain Western Red Cedar and features an advanced interlocking shingle panel design. Only Pinnacle Panels ensure keyways are staggered when properly installed. Distributed exclusively by National Forest Products in Canada, Pinnacle Panel is proof that not all shingle panels are created equally. Carry this product and your customers will thank you for it. Easy to install and always beautiful, these panels are guaranteed to enhance the exterior of every project – from modest backyard studio to palatial dream home.

  • 100% fine grain Western Red Cedar
  • Only supplier with patented TM interlocking Shingle
  • Installation up to 6-8 times faster than hand applied shingles
  • Single course 8-foot panels
  • Proprietary Keyway base lap in the joint
  • Only panel, if properly applied, where keyways will not line up
  • Available in:
    ✓  7.1″ and 5.3″ exposures
    ✓  Vertical Grain and Mixed Grain
    ✓  Even, Staggered, or Extreme Staggered Butt Line
    ✓  Open or Closed Keyway
  • All shingles 1/2″ Butt
  • 3/8″ Exterior grade plywood core used as backer
  • Optional vapour barrier under shingles
  • Two lines of all-weather construction adhesive
  • Fibre Matting
  • Dry to 12/14% – ready to stain
  • Scribed nailer guide on the panel
  • 90° Pre-mitered corners
  • Ships anywhere overseas
    Paper wrapped, carboard protected and attached dunnage
    Each lifts weighs approximately 1350 lbs
  • Dimensions & number of panels per lift:
    ✓ 7.1″ exposure 44″ x 29″ x 98″; 160 panels
    ✓ 5.3″ exposure 44″ x 98″ x 97″; 192 panels
  • Number of panels per square:
    ✓ 7.1″ exposure – 21 panels
    ✓ 5.3″ exposure – 28 panels
8-foot Pinnacle Shingle Panel, Even Butt, Open Keyway
Even Butt, Open Keyway
Even Butt, Closed Keyway
Staggered Butt, Open Keyway
Staggered Butt, Closed Keyway
Advanced Interlocking Keyway Design
Custom Corners

“I will honestly say you have hit a home run!! I have used every panel that exists in the industry. Your product is by far the nicest quality and best looking panel that I have had the pleasure to install.”

Tyler Kaye, Owner
A Kustoms Innovations


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