Cedar Siding

Pinnacle™ Cedar Siding

Pinnacle™ Cedar Siding is not just a brand name – it is so much more than that – it is a guarantee of quality, meeting stringent standards. Owned and distributed exclusively by National Forest Products worldwide, the Pinnacle™ line includes the highest quality siding product with zero waste.


Pinnacle™ Cedar Shingle Panels

The Pinnacle™ Cedar Shingle Panel is the best shingle panel on the market today. A true advancement in shingle panel design and technology, the Pinnacle™ Cedar Shingle Panel is made from 100% fine grain Western Cedar and features an advanced interlocking shingle panel design.


Engineered Clear WRC Veneer

Pinnacle™ brand Western Red Cedar veneer paneling is an exceptional appealing engineered wood product created for interior, exterior and soffit use, featuring dimensional stability, durability, easy installation at an affordable cost.

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