Our Premium Timber Product

Why do building professionals and DIYers love working with our Western Red Cedar so much? The reasons are many. Revered as “nature’s most versatile building material”, cedar structurally sound timbers and posts possess top–performing characteristics that make them ideal for outdoor applications. But they’re also stylish enough to enhance interior spaces. Whether it’s a new build or home renovation, contemporary design or part of traditional palette, cedar’s crisp fine grain and rich tonal range elevates every project to another level of beauty. It’s also surprisingly lightweight, yet durable. Plus, cedar is pitch and resin free, which means it accepts and holds a wide variety of finishes beautifully. And eco-minded customers prefer Western Red Cedar from NFP Timber Solutions because they know it’s harvested from some of the most sustainably managed forests in the world. So it’s a product they can feel good about. Ask about our vast selection of customizes cuts, available in both clear and select tight knotty grades.

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