A true advancement in shingle panel design and technology, the Pinnacle Cedar Shingle Panel is made from 100% fine grain Western Red Cedar and features an advanced interlocking shingle panel design. Only Pinnacle brand cedar shingle panels ensure keyways will not align when properly installed.

  • 100% fine grain Western Red Cedar
  • Only supplier with patented TM interlocking Shingle
  • Installation up to 6-8 times faster than hand applied shingles
  • Single course 8-foot panels
  • Proprietary Keyway base lap in the joint
  • Only panel, if properly applied, where keyways will not line up
  • Available in:
    ✓  7.1″ and 5.3″ exposures
    ✓  Vertical Grain and Mixed Grain
    ✓  Even, Staggered, or Extreme Staggered Butt Line
    ✓  Open or Closed Keyway
  • All shingles 1/2″ Butt
  • 3/8″ Exterior grade plywood core used as backer
  • Optional vapour barrier under shingles
  • Two lines of all-weather construction adhesive
  • Stainless Steel Staples
  • Fibre Matting
  • Dry to 12/14% – ready to stain
  • Scribed nailer guide on the panel
  • Left & Right 90° bevel corners
  • Left & Right 270° beveled inside corners
  • Ships anywhere overseas
    Paper wrapped, carboard protected and attached dunnage
    Each lifts weighs approximately 1350 lbs
  • Dimensions & number of panels per lift:
    ✓ 7.1″ exposure 44″ x 29″ x 98″; 160 panels
    ✓ 5.3″ exposure 44″ x 98″ x 97″; 192 panels
  • Number of panels per square:
    ✓ 7.1″ exposure – 21 panels
    ✓ 5.3″ exposure – 28 panels


“I will honestly say you have hit a home run!! I have used every panel that exists in the industry. Your product is by far the nicest quality and best looking panel that I have had the pleasure to install.”

Tyler Kaye, Owner
A Kustoms Innovations


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