Distribution Done Better

NFP Timber Solutions operates as a separate division of National Forest Products Ltd. We treat this logging department as a separate entity so our log experts can focus exclusively on buying and selling top value log fibre on the open market. Being involved with our own five-year license and BC Timber Sales means better product, better pricing and a better distribution of species to our export and domestic partners.

CEDAROversize/LumberD, F, K, H
MerchH, I, J
GangJ, U
Chip n SawJ, U, X
Sawable ShingleD, F, K, H, L
ShingleK, L, M
FIRHi gradeD, F, B, C
Lumber/TimberC, H, I
12” – 19” PeelerC, H, J
6” – 11” PeelerJ
HEMLOCKHi grade/LumberD, F, H
12” – 19” ExportH, I, J
8” – 11” ExportJ, U
CYPRESS (Yellow Cedar)Hi gradeD, F, H
StandardH, I
GangJ, U
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