National Forest Products Ltd evolved from an older company that began in the 1930’s. By the time it was incorporated in 1992, NFP already had 70 years of experience in the lumber industry. NFP is a distributor, wholesaler & broker of the highest quality softwood lumber products. They service independent retail lumber dealers throughout all of Canada, and are beginning their transition into the U.S. market. NFP owns a distribution facility, strategically located in Orillia, ON. With a location just north of Toronto, and just south of the Muskoka region, it gives them a great central location to service Ontario and Quebec markets. NFP also facilitates warehouse space in Vancouver and Calgary to have product able to service nearby markets.

    Our Misson: Quality Products, Quality Service, Quality Relationships


We truly believe quality is fundamental to success; for our company and our customer. We develop, market and distribute nothing less than exceptional products.


Our goal is to be trusted and ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. We have placed people geographically with extensive knowledge and experience to ensure our standards are met.


We are a company that believes strongly that interacting with our customers is a prerequisite to our and our customer’s success.



Growing Green

We have a strong commitment to the environment. We have always endeavored to sell softwood lumber that has been grown.

Quality Products

Our goal is to be trusted that we stand behind all our products to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.

Customers First

We have a team of amazing people with extensive knowledge and experience to ensure our high standards are met.

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